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Bike and Enogastronomiy in SPAIN
finally, the perfect couple!


Self-guided route in stages -for different cycling styles- combining the best of geography and the best of the gastronomy of LA RIOJA

3 to 6 stages options

Finca de los Arandinos. Accommodation and Gastronomic Experience in 4-star format.
Hole in the clouds over Nalda, -Iregua Valley-
Night came to El Figón del Duque. "Gastronomic Experience" moment.
Vineyards of the Iregua in the valley lowlands
Casa Nublo, one Michelin star Experience in Haro
Late Fall. In our opinion the best time to visit La Rioja
Posada Mayor de Migueloa, one of our essential Gastronomic Experiences in Laguardia
The author of the track posing for the camera in the vicinity of Laguardia
Vineyards of Elciego, Bodegas Marqués de Riscal and Sierra de Cantabria Range

What is Fuentes del Vino?
FUENTES del VINO is the route by stages of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE to cycle through the vineyards, towns, mountains and mountain passes of LA RIOJA in different cycling styles; Road, MTB, Gravel and Trek.

What is Fuentes del Vino Culinary Bike Tour?
FUENTES del VINO CULINARY BIKE TOUR goes one step further. To do this, it modifies the usual itineraries and the starting and ending points of the route in order to add to the set a careful selection of some of the most relevant "Temples" of Riojan Gastronomy.

Needless to say - although we say it so that there is not the slightest doubt - that being where we are, Gastronomy is exactly the same as Enogastronomy. And based on this, we will tell you something about where the creations of the Chefs and Sommeliers who "officiate" in the aforementioned temples are going. A single sentence helps us outline his "secret" without revealing it:
The landscape on the table, both in the glasses and on the plates.

Our "stars" have always been the routes, those lines that guide your handlebars sometimes along simple paths and other times through demanding mountain passes. In them, better or worse, our effort for quality is reflected. In this proposal we simply add the stars of other actors.
It is up to you to say if we were right in the election.

We know that this text is not enough to convince anyone. Click on the yellow Gastronomic Experiences bar that appears below, shrink it when you reach the end and then view the map with the technical information of the route and images of the 3 different RIOJAS that are visited on this Tour. We believe that it will be enough to realize that you are facing a trip that borders on the exceptional.

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Below you can see the selection of Gastronomic Experiences selectable for this Tour (one per stage).
You will guess, from the labels of some of the images, that you are going to share the Experiences designed for 2 of our LUXURY proposals in LA RIOJA, DOMINIO de RIOJA and Journey to the Center of the Rioja



TIERRA Restaurant, a place where each dish becomes a game in which instinct and learning participate in the same proportion.


Combination of the light with the exuberant, search for balance between the flavor of yesteryear and today´s cuisine, careful aesthetics of popular cuisine incorporated into the environment.


Mostly made from Km. 0 products purchased from local producers, the kind that bring out the best from the land. Experience paired with wines from the FINCA de los ARANDINOS. winery itself.



FIGÓN according to the RAE dictionary: low-class inn or tavern
The RAE is not always right.


GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCE in the old medieval wineries of the Duke of Najera, framed by the stones of the Navarrete wall, between ashlar stone winepresses and "calados" -caves caved on the stone-


PASSION for the product, for the encounters of flavors, for the culture of wine and for history.


The two "Gatronomic Sanctuaries" that we have chosen in the Capital of Rioja are the centenary and traditional Restaurant-Cave TERETE and the maximum exponent of modern gastronomy in the city, CASA NUBLO.

If your trip includes just one night in HARO you must decide which of the two Gastronomic Experiences you want to enjoy.


In 1.877 Alberto Andrés Alonso inaugurated CASA TERETE; roasting oven, restaurant, butcher shop and wine shop. Currently, a century and a half later, the fifth and sixth generation of the TERETE keep the roots of the family alive while preserving the same art and dedication.


Our trip to the CENTER OF THE RIOJA in CASA TERETE begins by immersing ourselves in its Cave-Winerie - grote called CALAO - among other things, this will serve to let us know that we are in the Grotes Quarter.


The winery, founded at the end of the 19th century next to the lamb roaster, is the ideal complement for this high-level Gastronomy Experience.
The underground cellars where the winery is located make them the perfect place to age the wine in optimum conditions.
The wine pairing for JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE RIOJA s in the hands of the CASA TERETE staff. They will adapt their choice for the glasses to the one we make for our dishes.


The suckling lamb from La Rioja roasted slowly in the old wood-fired oven, with no other secret than good young and tender meat, is without a doubt the specialty of the house, but the Experience goes further, since we are in one of the "Sanctuaries" of Riojan gastronomy.



Awarded with a Michelin star and a Repsol Sun.
This is our HARO Gastronomic Experience proposal.


A project located in a palatial house from the 16th century and led by chefs Miguel Caño, Llorenç Sagarra, Caio Barcellos and Dani Lasa.


A culinary proposal in which the fire, the grill, the oven and the firewood are the protagonists.
Ancestral cuisine with today's techniques.


The proof that Less is More taken to its maximum expression.
If you have doubts... check it on their website.



Mayor de Migueloa Experience-1

Palacio de Viana, 17th century, Nobility and Tradition... uninterrupted winemaking tradition since 1690, absolute winner by public votes in the Best Of awards People´s Choice Award 2.023, and production of their own wines in their cellar/calao, a space that will also be our restaurant....

Mayor de Migueloa Experience-2

We have not needed more, the curriculum shown in the previous paragraph has been enough to make us incorporate without any doubt its owner in the list of Gastronomic Experiences that shape DOMINIO de RIOJA.
The rest... is not history, is future, and it is waiting for you.

Mayor de Migueloa Experience-3


Embedded between the stones of the wall is the "cave" that we have chosen for one of our Gastronomic Experiences in LAGUARDIA.


We think that it should have been called "Pirates Cave" more than wolves cave -if you visit it you will understand why- but if in 1933 when it was inaugurated they decided that it should be "Wolves ", of wolves remains.


The forcefulness of the opinion of some of our clients; in the style of "the best restaurant of our trip through La Rioja" reaffirms our belief that sometimes there are factors that escape the "stars" and "suns" of the dominant gastronomic classifications.


With a warm environment, one of those that introduces you to another time, the "only drawback" that we can cite is its authentic cave format, something that makes it difficult for us to accommodate our bikers when they make up a large group. For the rest, in terms of restoration, the watchword is listen to the "pirates" who serve us and let ourselves be carried away by their recommendations; Local products in the dishes, paired with the best possible selection of wines from always local wineries.


Located inside the walls of the town, the terms Solera and Tradition are those that define the Gastronomic Experience CALAO BIAZTERI LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE.
In your hands -and perhaps in those of the weather- will remain the decision of where to experience the Tasting Menu expressly conceptualized for this proposal. You will therefore have to decide if you descend to the naturally thermoregulated grotte/cellar currently converted into a dining room, or if you are more attracted to the outdoor terrace.
In either case on the plates; Tasting of Traditional Riojan food of the season paired by the glass with wines made in the wineries located outside the walls of the Villa of LAGUARDIA.
A Gastronomic Experience conscientiously guided at all times by the Staff of CALAO BIAZTERI.


Map Fuentes-del-Vino-Culinary-Bike-Tour

The structure of FUENTES del VINO CULINARY TOUR is a base route with 3 point to point stages -A, B and C, and 3 optional circular stages -D, E and F- which, randomly combined with the first 3 allow up to a maximum of 6 stages.
The figures for kilometers and unevenness that we show on this map correspond to the route version for trekking bikes. In the Road and Gravel versions, the start and end points of the stages are the same, but the figures range between 70 and 100 km of route with unevenness that are around 1,000 / 1,500 meters per stage.

Trekking bike version data

Stage A: Entrena / Navarrete - Haro
Distance 61 / 47 km - Unevenness 555 / 370 m

Stage B: Haro - Laguardia
Distance 57 / 34 km - Unevenness 705 / 520 m

Stage C: Laguardia - Entrena / Navarrete
Distance 43 / 21 km - Unevenness 360 / 160 m

The hardest option with 3 Stages
Distance: 161 km   Unevenness: 1.620 m

The softest option with 3 Stages
Distance: 102 km   Unevenness: 1.050 m

Stage D: Circular Entrena / Navarrete
Distance 40 / 31 km - Unevenness 705 / 405 m

Stage E: Circular Haro
Distance 45 / 28 km - Unevenness 650 / 310 m

Stage F: Circular Laguardia
Distance 64 / 33 km - Unevenness 1.285 / 605 m

STAGE A - From Iregua Valley to the Capital of Rioja


We have barely left behind the vineyards of the Finca de los Arandinos - the Hotel-Winery where the route usually begins - when we arrive at the characteristic dome of the Medrano Wine Cellars Quarter. The power emanating from the environment itself imbues us with the atmosphere that will surround us during all stages of the route. From the hill that culminates the "Barrio" we can follow with our eyes the route that takes us downhill first and then on a long plain to the Ebro basin in the vicinity of Cenicero. We will not leave the basin until the end of the stage in Haro, the so-called "Capital del Rioja".
The Castle of Davalillo and Briones add the medieval factor to the ever-present wine-growing atmosphere of the route.
We will not list them, but at the end of the stage we will have left behind a notable portion of the more than 700 wineries that LA RIOJA wine region is home to.


If the 61 kilometers of the stage are excessive, we can reduce them to 47 by replacing the starting point at the Finca de los Arandinos Hotel-Winery with theFyA Hotel-Winery if the criterion is only for quality, the choice will be complicated, - 4* vs 4*-
In this version it will be in San Asensio where we can appreciate the uniqueness of the Rioja Wine Cellars Quarters riojanos.With the addition of being able to make a visit-tasting to the Lecea Winery-Cave, located in the heart of the Quarter itself.
Otherwise, as seen in the profiles, the itinerary does not differ too much from the previous one.


STAGE B - Ribera del Ebro


Walking along the North bank of the Ebro between HARO and LAGUARDIA plunges you into the world of wine in such a way that it makes you think that perhaps the Denomination could have been called "Ribera del Ebro", similar to its neighbor Ribera del Duero located a few kilometers further South.
The intimidating silhouette of the Castle/Church of San Vicente de la Sonsierra will give way to one of the loneliest sections of the Ebro basin, where without any warning we will pass from La Rioja Alta to Rioja Alavesa.
In the last kilometers of the stage we will finally leave La Ribera to come face to face with the Villa de Elciego and the Guggenheim-style winery of Marqués de Riscal, one of the first caves in La Rioja. In the background, on a higher plane, the end of the stage can be seen imposingly in the form of the "Walled town of Laguardia".


If we opt for the SLOW option, after passing through San Vicente we will leave the Ebro and without losing the classic solitary character of this part of La Rioja territory we will enter the Rioja Alavesa through Villanueva de Alava.
The last kilometers of the stage take place in a more "friendly" environment between the medieval towns of Leza and Páganos and with the Cantabria Range taking more and more prominence.




The stage that returns us to the point where we started the route a few days ago, crosses in its first half some of the fundamental places in the wine tourism universe of LA RIOJA. After winding through the photogenic Lagunas de Laguardia, the track heads - with a downward trend - towards the unmistakable silhouette of the Marqués de Riscal Wineries in Elciego.
In the 2nd half and with a slight but constant climb, we will have to travel in the opposite direction some of the kilometers of stage A with which we began the route. We thus go up from the Ebro basin to the slopes of terraced vineyards of the Moncalvillo Range. As a "reward", as we ascend, the vision of the Riojan "scenery" will expand and we will go from being part of the landscape to being privileged observers of it.


If the stage falls short, we will modify the track by continuing along the Ebro to Logroño and going back to the beginning in Entrena through the Iregua Valley. This is a geographically broader route that will allow us to complete the route with a more complete vision of the Riojan territory.


STAGE D - Iregua Valley


Stage D of FUENTES del VINO CULINARY BIKE TOUR runs along the slopes of the Sierra de Cameros, one of the FUENTES or mountain formations that feed the vineyards of La Rioja and that at this point also give shape to the Iregua Valley. We are in what is known as Rioja Baja or Eastern Rioja.
The Alberite Wine Cellars Quarter which we will visit almost at the start of the route, show just from the beginning the importance that wine has historically had in this region.
It will then be time to ascend under the gaze of the Castle - a lighthouse for us - of Clavijo.
The track leaves behind some of the revalued "high altitude vineyards" of the DO Rioja, previously neglected plots that now, thanks to the modernization of oenology, produce some of the great wines of LA RIOJA. In this environment of vineyards and terraced crops, and not without effort, the rest of the day's kilometers will be developed along the slopes of the Cameros Range. The wine-producing town of Albelda, the medieval Nalda and the cattle-raising town of Sorzano, each in its own way, will be the towns that invite us to stop and take in more of the territory we are traveling through.



STAGE E - Sajazarra and The Pulpito of La Rioja


HARO is defined in tourist catalogs as La Capital del Rioja, and just by visiting its emblematic HARO STATION DISTRICT where several of the most important Rioja wineries are located, oneself understands the reason for the title.
This importance and the generosity of its geography - which allows adding a stage to the route without "stepping on" the tracks of the adjacent stages justify its choice as a possible point to spend 2 nights when we pedal FUENTES DEL VINO.
Along the southern slope of Montes Obarenes -full of Singular Vineyards- we will go to Cellorigo, the westernmost point of the proposal, ascending during the process to the so-called Pulpito de La Rioja.
On the way back to HARO the "obligatory" stop will be in Sajazarra, a medieval village classified as "one of the most beautiful towns in Spain" partly due to its spectacular castle and partly to the general care of the complex carried out by the inhabitants of the place.


If we opt for the SLOW option, we will close the circle before reaching Cellorigo to go directly to Sajazarra.


STAGE F - Rioja Alavesa a tope¡


The slopes of the Cantabria Range monopolize the territory that houses practically all the kilometers of this last stage that runs almost entirely through the Rioja Alavesa.

Small terraced vineyards, terroirs adapt to the complicated morphology generated by the ravines that descend from the mountains. From this complexity and the multitude of microclimates that this generates, the possibility of "playing" with the modern concept of singular and author wines that characterize current oenology trends.

La Huesera, La Hechicera and El Encinar, the 3 dolmens, that almost unintentionally link the track, reinforce backwards in time the historical sequence that began in the architectural contemporaneity of modern wineries and continued in the homogeneous medieval profile present in all the villages that we pass through. Elvillar, Kripán, Vinasperi, Iekora, the monumental Labraza... Demanding sequence of village-valley village-valley that gives the stage a PLUS in sporting terms over the previous stages of FUENTES DEL VINO CULINARY TOUR.



Viñedos bajo la Sierra de La Demanda nevada

To get an idea about FUENTES del VINO CULINARY BIKE TOUR and about the scenes you can find if you decide to meet it, click and browse below in any of these tabs.

RIOJA ORIENTAL - Iregua Valley


Hole in the clouds over Nalda, Iregua Valley, Rioja Oriental.

Ebro, Lonely river reflections in the Ebro river

In the vicinity of Logroño the Ebro is already a lonely river.

Ciclista en La Rioja Bike Race 2021

Participant of La Rioja Bike Race 2021 crossing the Iregua Valley.


Iregua Valley, border between the Alta and Oriental Riojas.


Singular Vineyard of Vínicola Real - 200 Monges caves in the area "Los Valles" sheltered by the Sierra de Cameros.


At the southern end of the route, the vineyards "clash" with the Cameros Range.

Terroirs en Iregua-Valley

Terraced vineyards, typical geography of the areas adjacent to the Riojan mountain.



Barrio Bodegas Rodezno

Barrio de Bodegas in Rodezno - Rioja Alta

Cyclists in the vineyard

Variety of vines on the banks of Ebro river.

Terrois in Alto Najerilla

Terrois in Alto Najerilla.

Davalillo Castle in november

Cantabria Range and Davalillo Castle in november.

Castillo de Davalillo Castillo de Davalillo desde el viñedo

Davalillo Castle, impressive watchtower over the territory of La Rioja. Among its main functions was to watch over the ford that the Ebro river hides at that point.

Fuente en San Vicente

Replenishing energy and water San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

Horizonte de Montes Obarenes

The Obarenes Mountains delimit La Rioja to the West



Fall in Laguardia

Carralogroño dry lagoon in the vicinity of Laguardia, heart of the Rioja Alavesa.

Marques de Riscal winery Marques de Riscal wineyards

A stop among the vineyards of the Marqués de Riscal wineries in Elciego.

wineyards at Haro

Chozo on the route with the Sierra de Cantabria among the clouds closing the picture.

Vendimia en Labastida

Harvest days in Labastida vineyards.

Dolmen-La-hechicera Dolmen-La-hechicera y grupo de ciclistas

Dolmen de La Hechicera in the vicinity of Elvillar, a good place to rest in "eternity".


During today's stage the Cantabria Range is the undisputed protagonist.


Dolmen La Huesera, prehistoric monument between Laguardia and Elvillar.


Dolmen El Encinar, the last of the series of 3 dolmens that are visited in stage F.


Fall vineyards under the mountain called "The Sleeping Lion".

Walled town of Labraza

In the walled town of Labraza the route leaves the slopes of the Cantabria Range and descends towards the Ebro basin. We leave behind the sections with slopes that have given this last stage a somewhat more demanding character.



If you have doubths, do not hesitate and use some of the buttons below, we respond quickly.


The proposal of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE for FUENTES del VINO CULINARY BIKE TOUR are - broadly speaking - Self Guided Route Packs that include Accommodation with breakfast, the Tracks & Map-Sketch -one for each stage- of the route, Transport of luggage from hotel to hotel, and the factor that differentiates this proposal from the rest of the Fuentes del Vino options; a Gastronomic Experience at the end of each of the stages contained in the Pack. We are speaking of high culinary level Experiences selected from those that we use in our LUXURY proposals.



3 Stages / 4 Nights

1.108 €
Price per person for groups of 6 or more people

1.176 €
Price per person for groups of 5 people

1.142 €
Price per person for groups of 4 people

1.264 €
Price per person for groups of 3 people

1.242 €
Price per person for groups of 2 people

Single room supplement: + 236 €
When the group is made up of an odd number of people, will be equally necessary an odd number of requests to access this supplement

6 Stages / 7 Nights

1.830 €
Price per person for groups of 6 or more people

1.939 €
Price per person for groups of 5 people

1.866 €
Price per person for groups of 4 people

2.040 €
Price per person for groups of 3 people

1.954 €
Price per person for groups of 2 people

Single room supplement: + 396 €
When the group is made up of an odd number of people, will be equally necessary an odd number of requests to access this supplement

5 Stages / 6 Nights

1.640 €
Price per person for groups of 6 or more people

1.732 €
Price per person for groups of 5 people

1.674 €
Price per person for groups of 4 people

1.836 €
Price per person for groups of 3 people

1.770 €
Price per person for groups of 2 people

Single room supplement: + 354 €
When the group is made up of an odd number of people, will be equally necessary an odd number of requests to access this supplement

4 Stages / 5 Nights

1.426 €
Price per person for groups of 6 or more people

1.509 €
Price per person for groups of 5 people

1.458 €
Price per person for groups of 4 people

1.610 €
Price per person for groups of 3 people

1.558 €
Price per person for groups of 2 people

Single room supplement: + 396 €
When the group is made up of an odd number of people, will be equally necessary an odd number of requests to access this supplement

In these proposals when the groups are odd, the accommodation is offered in double rooms and a single room.

Rates for the whole year, subject to availability.
The prices may vary when the dates coincide with the Easter holidays or with the Patron Festivities of any of the places of accommodation.

Check here for detailed Contract conditions

Below we show our usual selection of accommodations for FUENTES del VINO CULINARY TOUR. However, since in LA RIOJA the hotel reservations are usually complicated at certain times of the year - especially during the harvest - the Pack proposal that we finally offer may differ from the one presented here.

For the starting point of the route we can choose between 2 different accommodations (both 4*) and located in the towns of ENTRENA and NAVARRETE.
For logistical reasons, if we decide to eliminate the last night (at the end of the last stage) the starting point must be in Entrena.

Lodging for stages with start in ENTRENA

Hotel, Winery, Vineyards, Spa, Restaurant, 4* and hose to clean our bikes...
Art, design and gastronomy, surrounded by nature... A tour of the work of designer David Delfín.
Best wine tourism hotel 2018 in the III edition of the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards 2018 and in the Top 5 of winery hotels with vineyards.
Anything else?
Finca de los arandinos

Finca-Arandinos-hotel-ext Finca-Arandinos-hotel-int Finca-Arandinos-hotel-art Finca-Arandinos-hotel-breakfast Finca-Arandinos-hotel-room Finca-Arandinos-hotel-spa

Lodging for stages with start in NAVARRETE

Hotel, Winery, Vineyards, Spa, Ceramics Museum, 4* and hose to clean our bikes...
One of those places that you would choose in those moments when you think about Pause and Disconnect.
Hotel - Winery FyA

FyA-hotel-ext FyA-hotel-int FyA-hotel-art FyA-breakfast FyA-hotel-room FyA-hotel-spa

Lodging for stages with start in HARO
Hotel Arrope

Our PUNTO BIKE in Haro is this 3-star hotel located in the Center of the "Capital of Rioja".
Comfortable, cozy and dedicated to cycling. The choice is obvious.

Hotel-Arrope-exterior Hotel-Arrope-cafeteria Hotel-Arrope-lunch Hotel-Arrope-hall Hotel-Arrope-room-1 Hotel-Arrope-room-2

Lodging for stages with start in LAGUARDIA

Palacio de Viana, an old space rehabilitated as a hotel, absolute winner by public votes in the Best Of Wine Tourism 2.023 awards, and located within the walls of the town of LAGUARDIA.. We have not needed more information, our PUNTO BIKEin this town is Posada Mayor de Migueloa.

Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-adwards Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-cave Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-room-1 Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-hall Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-room-2 Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-rest



  • 4 to 7 nights of accommodation with breakfast
    The number depends on the chosen Pack
  • As many dinners as there are stages in the Pack, in Gastronomic Experience format
  • Transport of luggage between hotels
    1 bag or package per person

  • Tracks of the route in GPX format for mobile phones or GPS devices
    Warn us if you prefer them in another format

  • Explanatory printed map-sketch of the different route options for each stage
    One per stage

  • Presentation of the route and delivery of information in hand the day of the arrival of the group to the hotel or the morning of the next day when groups are of 6 or more people

  • Telephone assistance for incidents or consultations during the days of the contracted activity


  • Beers or other consumptions outside the proposed menus in the dinners or during the stay in hotels

  • Meals in restaurants at the time of the noon, unless it has been agreed previously to replace dinner with meals

  • Any kind of sports material, helmets, shoes, etc.

  • Mechanical Assistance during the activity
    If possible, we will try to help you in case of a breakdown, but in many situations this help can be very limited due to lack of specific spare parts or other circumstances. The cost of the service if it can be done is € 18 per hour + € 0.40 per kilometer.

  • Anything not expressly indicated in the offer

All the proposals presented on this website are sold through Pirineos PUNTO BIKE
Travel Agency registered in the Tourism Registry of Navarra with registration code: CI. NA-128


  • Airport/station pick up
    We put you in contact with the transfer companies that provide these services. We do not include its cost in our proposal.
  • Hire Travel Assistance insurance
  • Eliminate the hotel night and the Gastronomic Experience corresponding to last night at the end of the last stage.
  • Orientation: The route must be followed with a GPS device or with the mobile phone App that you are used to using for the same purpose.
       It is not advisable to try to learn how to use an App on the fly.
       We do not provide Apps or GPS user manuals. It is up to the users to have this knowledge.
       There is no on-site signage.
  • Best time to go: The route can be done at any time of the year as long as there is no snow, something unusual in La Rioja.
       Spring and Autumn are usually the most pleasant seasons; In summer it can be hot and it is advisable to get up early.
       Anyway, at the end of autumn the days are short, but more than enough for our purpose. The vineyards of La Rioja "burn" red in those days, and the experience of immersing ourselves in that sea of red vineyards becomes something almost. So if you can afford to choose those dates, there is no question. This is the "Star" moment to visit LA RIOJA
  • Ciclability: The route is 99,9% cyclable. With this precision what we want to convey is that at some very specific point it will be necessary to get off the bike and carry it for a few meters in your hand.
  • Philosophy: Although some stages can be demanding, the proposal is designed so that the stages can be finished and we still have part of the day to enjoy the place where we are. And in any case, for almost all stages we have SLOW options.
    The circular stages delve into the purpose of "slow down" the rhythm of the route as a whole, always offering a more relaxed track option that ensures that we have a free afternoon for other tasks beyond cycling. Believe it or not; There is life beyond the bike.
  • Provisioning: La Rioja is not a desert. We will find towns with water and other services without too many difficulties.


Hotels for Fuentes del Vino Culinary bike tour

If you have doubths, do not hesitate and use some of the buttons below, we respond quickly.

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