This is the team that is behind these proposals.

Luis Ignacio González

  • Place of residence: Iruña/Pamplona
  • Cycling project developer.
  • Computer Program Developer / Designer of "Rural Integrated solutions for rural development in the geographical environment" for two Navarrian-based companies; Geomedios and COLS & SOL.
  • Designer of the webpages,, and
  • Touring cyclist "port-cyclist" since 2005.
  • Avid sportsman: mountain biking, running, mountain skiing and climbing.
  • 28 years’ experience as a filmmaker, photographer and programmer at TX Instalaciones Multimédia S.L.
  • Personal web curriculum of the development of audiovisual projects: Diaporama digital


Jorge Vaquero Ollero

  • Place of residence: Iruña/Pamplona
  • Master en Administración y gestión de entidades y empresas deportivas (UPV)
  • Fitness specialist at university level in initiation and sports performance
  • Teaching degree in physical education.
  • Active since 2002 in the field of physical training and personal training and in sports management at sports facilities and private gyms.
  • Avid touring cyclist, running, mountain skiing, surfing and climbing.


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