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MOUNTAIN BIKE in stages along the paths, canyons and mountains of IREGUA VALLEY

Hole in the clouds over Nalda, Stage E -Iregua Valley-
Accommodation PUNTO BIKE at the Hotel / Winery LA CASA DEL COFRADE, something simply difficult to beat -Vinícola Real Wineries-
Vineyards of the Iregua in the valley lowlands
Slopes of Moncalvillo, upper area of the Iregua Valley
Stage A, Portal de Cameros, American West environment between Islallana and Viguera
End of autumn in the Najerilla Valley

IREGUA VALLEY is a variation of the base route of FUENTES del VINO MTB. Instead of spreading throughout LA RIOJA as the latter more or less does, IREGUA VALLEY concentrates its activity primarily in the mountains, canyons and trails of the Iregua valley.
The choice is not casual. Located only a few kilometers south of Logroño we find a territory of "high potential" for the practice of MTB.
The most palpable argument of this is that the territory we are talking about is the same in which La Rioja BIKE RACE MTB stage test is held annually. Even allowing themselves the luxury of changing the track of the route every year.
We are talking about a UCI scoring event for the international ranking of the world championship.

We are not really wrong if we say that both because of its location and its cycling style, IREGUA VALLEY is something like a Rioja BIKE RACE in stages without competition and without an audience.

The mountains of the Sierra de Cameros, which are what make the valley possible, hide -literally- among their canyons, pine groves and beech trees, an infinity of singletracks - "flows" sometimes and enduring others - worked by local bikers, who give walk to a multitude of route options for each of the stages of the tour.
On the left bank of the valley we have the mountain range of the Sierra de Cameros with the peaks of El Viso, Peña Saida and Cerroyera -among others- hiding the Sendas de la Barguilla, Preciosa, Aspero, del Monolito, Bonita and La Guandara... among many.
On the right bank of the Valley, the mass of Moncalvillo and the Serradero fields with the Sendas of Moncalvillo MTB Center, and above all with the altruistic work -again- of the local bikers, have given rise -to name just a few- to the Trails of the Deer, the Wild Boar, the Greyhound, the Fox ... among which they pay homage to the animals of the field and many others ... Dark, of Silence, of the Beech, Forgiveness, Millers, Neveras, Natural, Bosquecillo, the forgotten Berrendo... I mean, task for years!

The proposals of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE for IREGUA VALLEY are based on logical linkages of these Paths and Summits, adapted -when possible- to different lengths and difficulties, which together give rise to a 3-stage proposal.

If we decide to put a finishing touch on the route, we will add the circular stage that from Nájera and through the Najerilla Valley takes us to the walls of Matute and Anguiano, now in the Sierra de La Demanda. A stage that maintains at all times -and perhaps even surpasses- the pulse and tone of the ensemble in the ascents -and descents- that hold the key to the rocky fortresses that make up the decoration of our scenary.

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Map Fuentes del Vino MTB Iregua Valley

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Map Fuentes del Vino MTB Iregua Valley

The kilometers and the unevenness of the route obviously vary depending on the selection of stages we make. But these data from a "standard" selection are worth to give us an idea of the possible set:

FUENTES del VINO IREGUA VALLEY 3 Stages E+A+H: Distance 161 km / Unevenness 4.515 m

FUENTES del VINO IREGUA VALLEY 4 Stages E+A+H+I: Distance 226 km / Unevenness 6.155 m

With start point at Albelda de Iregua, the structure of the proposal is the one of 1 circular -E- and two point to point stages -A and H- which are mainly developed in the IREGUA VALLEY. Optionally we can add one more circular stage through the Najerilla Valley -I- then making a four stages route.

mapa-Fuentes del Vino-MTB Iregua Valley

Stage E: Circular Albelda de Iregua
Distance 44 / 67 km - Unevenness 1.200 / 1.795 m

The 2 options that we give for this circular stage starting in Albelda de Iregua consist of 2 tracks, Cameros and Gran Cameros, with the same philosophy but different difficulty. Both cross the mountains of the Sierra de Cameros, taking advantage of the many trails adapted for MTB by local bikers.
We are talking about a geography that is becoming internationally known for being the usual scenary of La Rioja BIKE RACE, the MTB stage race held annually in the area. The routes enter the Sierra de Cameros by the Senda de la Barguilla -de la Barriguilla in biker slang- they enter the paths of the neighboring Leza Valley, and ascending the peaks of El Viso or Peña Saida descend towards Viguera or Nalda linking several of the most popular singletrack trails in the area; Senda Preciosa, Aspero, Senda del Portillo de las Monjas ... Bonita ... del Monolíto ..

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-E1

Gran Cameros is our proposal for bikers to whom everything seems little.

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-E3

Apart from the 2 options presented here, we have other more specific tracks with which we try to adapt the routes more if possible to the profiles of the cyclists.


Stage A: Albelda de Iregua - Nájera
Distance 63 / 54 km - Unevenness 1.505 / 1.225 m

The stage that takes us from Albelda de Iregua to Nájera consists of 2 well differentiated sections. The first one takes full advantage of the original track from the Calzada Romana del Iregua to Torrecilla en Cameros, a much more technical and demanding route - with many kilometers of "singletrack" - than the term "Calzada" may suggest.
In the 2nd part we will have to ascend the "wall" of the Sierra de Cameros, pedal through the spectacular spaces -which seem created for cycling- at the top of the mountain, and then descend to the NAJERILLA VALLEY to meet again with the vineyards that will be our guide to Nájera.

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-A4

Option A7 between Albelda de Iregua. and Logroño climbs straights throughg Moncalvillo. The result is a shorted option of 54 kms and 1.225 meters of unevenness.

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-A7


Stage H: Nájera - Albelda de Iregua
Distance 44 / 54 / 44 - Unevenness 1.155 / 1.790 / 1.455 m

The stage in which we return to the starting point of IREGUA VALLEY takes advantage of the very high potential for MTB practice that is hidden on the North slope of Moncalvillo.

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-H1

There are so many hidden "gems" - certainly well hidden - that it is impossible to give a single option. The result is these different proposals that we show in the profiles, Gran Moncalvillo, Integral Moncalvillo... and even others that we do not show here.
All of them, with their different lengths and difficulties, and with their different combinations of Paths -Ciervos, Neveras, Molineros, Oscura, del Perdón, del Zorro, Natural...- return us to the Iregua Valley from which we started, through the spectacular rocks and canyons of Portal de Cameros in Islallana. A "National Park" style end for what is usually the last of the IREGUA VALLEY stages.

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-H2

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-H3

And when the snow prevents pedaling through the high areas, our resource is Medio Moncalvillo.

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-H4


Stage I: Circular Nájera
Distance 65 / 44 km - Unevenness 1.640 /  1.120 m

If we decide to add a 4th stage to the IREGUA VALLEY proposal, we will not be disappointed. The basic option for a circular route from Nájera which we call Entrepeñas, -among rocks- is a demanding proposal that maintains the pulse and "scenic tension" of the route as a whole.
The route is embedded -literally- among the characteristic conglomerate monoliths that characterize the NAJERILLA VALLEY, commonly known as Peñas de Tobia, Matute or Anguiano which we access from the Monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla. A show in themselves, a double one with our bikes descending through its paths and canyons.

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-I1

If we choose to take the day with a little more calm, the Entreviñas -among vineyards- proposal will guide us through the paths near Nájera and through the sea of vineyards that extends between the Najerilla river and the slopes of La Demanda Range.

Perfil-Fuentes del Vino-MTB-I2


Iregua-Valley panorámic view

To get an idea of what the FUENTES del VINO IREGUA VALLEY route looks like and what you can find if you decide to meet it, click and browse below in any of these tabs.

Stage E: Circular Albelda de Iregua
Distance 44 / 67 km - Unevenness 1.200 / 1.795 m

Nalda town

Hole in the clouds over Nalda.

Los Valles Vineyards

Vineyards Los Valles -of Bodegas Vinícola Real - under the peaks of the Cameros Range. Today's track territory.

Bajenza Pic

Cameros Gate - La Rioja “National Park”

Viguera town

View over the old Kingdom of Viguera

Col of Viguera Castle

Remnants of the past in the Col of Cerro del Castillo de Viguera.

Cerroyera slopes

Slopes of Cerroyera above Portal de Cameros. Long descent from the Portillo de las Monjas to the Iregua Valley.

Clavijo castle Riojan singletrack

Typical Riojan singletrack under the Castle of Clavijo.


Chozo Blanco, an exhibition building at the top of the mountains.

autumn colors

Autumn colors in the Iregua Valley.


Stage A: Albelda de Iregua - Nájera
Distance 63 / 54 km - Unevenness 1.505 / 1.225 m

Panoramic over Iregua Valley

Portal de Cameros, transition from the vineyard to the Sierra in the Iregua Valley.

Iregua Roman Path

Iregua Roman Path under the rocks of Peña Bajenza.

Viewpoint of Peñueco

Spectacular viewpoint of Peñueco on the Portal de Cameros - Viguera, Camero Nuevo Range -


Portal de Cameros, American West environment between Islallana and Viguera.

Hermitage of San Bartolome

Hermitage of San Bartolome, a historical and geographical reference in the heart of Camero Nuevo. Better to ignore the bull.

Summits of Serradero

Open lands on the summits of Serradero.

Torrecilla en Cameros

Torrecilla en Cameros, the track includes at this stage the section of the old Roman Path between Viguera and Torrecilla, 13 wild kilometers, for "pedestrians" and practically with just enough space for a bike wheel.

Sierra de Camero Nuevo

Towards the South, the high pastures of the Sierra de Camero Nuevo extend on the horizon, exerting a hinóptico power of call.

Sierra de Camero Nuevo-2

There is no doubt, we are in a space created for our bikes.

Najerilla Valley

We reach the upper area of the Sierra, the landscape towards the opposite slope to which we have climbed can be impressive, we are in one of the "star" points of FUENTES del VINO MTB, the Najerilla Valley and the peaks of La Sierra de La Demanda take care of it.

La Demanda Range

The route continues for a long time over the Sierra de Camero Nuevo. If weather permits, the Sierra de La Demanda will accompany us as a backdrop for a few kilometers.

we reach Nájera Nájera La nuit

Again through small roads and vineyards we reach Nájera, from the Arabic "Naxara" -place among mountains-. A place brimming with history that invites you to "get lost" and wander around.


Stage H: Nájera - Albelda de Iregua
Distance 44 / 54 / 44 - Unevenness 1.155 / 1.790 / 1.455 m

Cantabria Range

In the North, behind the sea of vineyards, the Sierra de Cantabria will close the horizon throughout this stage.

Moncalvillo Range

The rolling hills of the Moncalvillo hide an authentic "arsenal" of singletracks among their forests and pine groves. It is difficult to choose the Paths, whenever you choose one you lose another.

Spain Tour 2020 in Iregua Valley

Spain Tour 2020 runs wild in search of the Moncalvillo ramps, an area also interesting for road cycling.

Down to Islallana-1 Down to Islallana-2

Impressive descent line from Moya Pic to the Iregua Valley in Islallana through the Berrendo hills. A finishing touch for IREGUA VALLEY.

textures in Moncalvillo

Autumn textures on the slopes of Moncalvillo

Watercolor of vineyards

Watercolor of vineyards in the Iregua Valley.

Islallana, end of route

In Islallana, with only 6 kilometers - flat - to reach the end, with a bar with beer & wine, we can say that we have finished IREGUA VALLEY.


Stage I: Circular Nájera
Distance 65 / 44 km - Unevenness 1.640 /  1.120 m

La Demanda Range

If we add the optional circular stage in Nájera, this will be the scenary; a first front of fields and vineyards, and the hidden Paths of Las Peñas de Anguiano and La Demanda Range on the second front to round off a very complete and demanding stage.

Najera caves

We begin the stage under the ancient gaze of the caves / refuge that characterize Nájera.

Hermitage in Cordovin Badarán wineyards

Scenes of the the route in the intermediate zone between Nájera and the Sierra de La Demanda.

Tobia rocks Panoramic of Matute

Matute and its rocks, the protagonists of today's stage.

Peñas over Tobia

Descent to Tobia along the GR-93 path.

Path in Nájera

Path in Nájera looking for Biker.


Bajenza Pic

If you have doubths, do not hesitate and use some of the buttons below, we respond quickly.


The proposal of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE for FUENTES del VINO MTB is roughly a Self Guided Route Pack in which the Accommodations, the Tracks & Map-Sketch -one for each stage- of the route, and the Transport of Luggage from hotel to hotel are included.

Before starting the route, we made a Briefing to transmitting more details of what you will find along the route.

During the days in route we also give Telephone Assistance to solve problems that may arise or simply to discuss details of the stage to come.
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3 Stages / 3 Nights

362 €
Price per person for groups of 6 or more people

372 €
Price per person for groups of 4 or 5 people

406 €
Price per person for groups of 2 or 3 people

Single room supplement: + 104 €
When the group consists of an even number of people, an even number of applications will also be necessary to access this supplement.

4 Stages / 4 Nights

456 €
Price per person for groups of 6 or more people

478 €
Price per person for groups of 5 people

459 €
Price per person for groups of 4 people

515 €
Price per person for groups of 3 people

498 €
Price per person for groups of 2 people

Single room supplement: + 129 €
When the group consists of an even number of people, an even number of applications will also be necessary to access this supplement.

And you can add a Night with Breakfast at the end of the route -in the same hotel where you started it- for 48 € per person in a double room or for 84 € in a single room

In these proposals when the groups are odd, the accommodation is offered in double rooms and a single room.

If you want the price of the Pack to be cheaper, perhaps we can lower the level of one of the chosen hotels. And also, if the number of participants is odd; request a triple room.
- This management is only done once the Pack has been contracted -

Rates for the whole year, subject to availability.
The prices may vary when the dates coincide with the Easter holidays or with the Patron Festivities of any of the places of accommodation.

Check here for detailed Contract conditions

Below we show our usual selection of accommodations for FUENTES del VINO MTB. However, since in LA RIOJA the hotel reservations are usually complicated at certain times of the year - especially during the harvest - the Pack proposal that we finally offer may differ from the one presented here.

"Booking in advance is in this case something more than a commercial trick, it makes the difference between being able or not being able to do the route."

Lodging for stages with start in Albelda de Iregua
La Casa del Cofrade

It will be difficult to find a more suggestive accommodation option than a Hotel / Winery like this one of La Casa del Cofrade to start and end a route like FUENTES del VINO.
Our PUNTO BIKE is - we dare to affirm it - a four star hotel "camouflaged" in one of two. Located in the same place as the Vinícola Real Wineries to which it belongs, it allows us access from its facilities to the calados -caves- dug in the rock of the mountain on which it is attached, and in which the renowned wines of 200 Monges as well as other elements of historical value that will make us immediately perceive that we are in a special place. Something more even than a Winery + a Hotel.

If to all this we add the link and the total dump with everything that sounds like cycling, the choice could not be more obvious. Sports activity here becomes almost an excuse to live this part of the global experience of FUENTES del VINO.

La-Casa-del-Cofrade-building-1 La-Casa-del-Cofrade-building-2 La-Casa-del-Cofrade-rest La-Casa-del-Cofrade-room La-Casa-del-Cofrade-200-Monges La-Casa-del-Cofrade-cave


Lodging for stages with start in Nájera

Depending on availability, we will stay at one of the following hotels.

Duques de Nájera Hotel

Hotel-Duques-de-Najera-1 Hotel-Duques-de-Najera-2 Hotel-Duques-de-Najera-3 Hotel-Duques-de-Najera-4 Hotel-Duques-de-Najera-5 Hotel-Duques-de-Najera-6


Hostal-Hispano-edificio Hostal-Hispano-hall Hostal-Hispano-dinning-room Hostal-Hispano-escalera Hostal-Hispano-room1 Hostal-Hispano-room2

End of route: We will finish the route at the same hotel where we started it. It will also be the place where you will have received our luggage at the last stage of the route.



  • 1 night of accommodation with breakfast
    Corresponds to the 1st night as usually the groups prefer to choose themselves where to dine during the arrival trip to the destination

  • The rest of the nights accommodation in half board
    2 more nights or 3 if we add another stage in Nájera. Accommodation is not included at the end of the last stage.

  • Transport of luggage between hotels
    1 bag or package per person

  • Tracks of the route in GPX format for mobile phones or GPS devices
    Warn us if you prefer them in another format

  • Explanatory printed map-sketch of the different route options for each stage
    One per stage

  • Shower and luggage reception at the end of the last stage despite you don’t spend the night at the finalising point of the route

  • Presentation of the route and delivery of information in hand the day of the arrival of the group to the hotel or the morning of the next day when groups are of 6 or more people

  • Telephone assistance for incidents or consultations during the days of the contracted activity


  • Beers or other consumptions outside the proposed menus in the dinners or during the stay in hotels

  • Meals in restaurants at the time of the noon, unless it has been agreed previously to replace dinner with meals

  • Any kind of sports material, helmets, shoes, etc.

  • Mechanical Assistance during the activity
    If possible, we will try to help you in case of a breakdown, but in many situations this help can be very limited due to lack of specific spare parts or other circumstances. The cost of the service if it can be done is € 18 per hour + € 0.40 per kilometer.

  • Anything not expressly indicated in the offer

All the proposals presented on this website are sold through Pirineos PUNTO BIKE
Travel Agency registered in the Tourism Registry of Navarra with registration code: CI. NA-128


  • Airport/station pick up
    We put you in contact with the transfer companies that provide these services. We do not include its cost in our proposal.
  • Hire Travel Assistance insurance
  • Add a hotel night at the finalising point of the route
       48 € par person in doble room or 84 € in single room
  • To replace the night before the start of the route per night at the end of the route
  • Best time to go: The route can be done at any time of the year as long as there is no snow in the high mountains. The altitude of the Sierra de La Demanda stage is 500 meters above the rest of the stages, so for the occasions when the snow covers these high areas blocking the entire route, we have the option that we call "spring" in which we modify the track by deviating it by lower levels.

       Spring and autumn are usually the most pleasant seasons; In summer it can be hot in the low areas, if it is the case, it is advisable to get up early and have the whole afternoon to relax. Actually, excluding winter, we can conclude that it is more important the punctual weather of the days in which we are going to make the route than the season itself.

       Anyway, at the end of autumn the days are short, but more than enough for our purpose. The vineyards of La Rioja "burn" red in those days, and the experience of descending from the Sierras at dusk to join that sea of vineyards becomes almost "brutal". So if you can afford to choose those dates, there is no question. This is the "Star" moment for FUENTES del VINO MTB.
  • Type of tracks: In general, trails and tracks with more physical than technical demand, both uphill and downhill.
       For stages 2 and 3 we have more technical variants in which the path sections are increased n the same way as the difficulty of the route.
  • Ideal bike: Any mountain bike. The choice will depend on the priorities of each one: lower weight (rigid bike) or greater comfort and enjoyment of the descents (double suspension bike).
  • Orientation: The route must be followed with a GPS device or with the mobile phone App that you are used to using for the same purpose.
       It is not advisable to try to learn how to use an App on the fly.
       We do not provide Apps or GPS user manuals. It is up to the users to have this knowledge.
       There is no on-site signage.
  • Ciclability: Depending on the technical skills and the strengths of each one, the route is 98% cyclable.
  • Philosophy: Although some stages can be demanding, the proposal is designed so that the stages can be finished and we still have part of the day to enjoy the place where we are.
    The circular stages delve into the purpose of "slow down" the rhythm of the route as a whole, always offering a more relaxed track option that ensures that we have a free afternoon for other tasks beyond cycling. Believe it or not; There is life beyond the bike.
  • Provisioning: The situation is different depending on the stages and the chosen track options. The towns in the lower areas usually have bar services and fountains, but once we go up to the Sierras we will have to be self-sufficient in terms of food and water.


Hotels for Fuentes del Vino

If you have doubths, do not hesitate and use some of the buttons below, we respond quickly.


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