BIKE & WINE holidays in SPAIN along the tarmacs, paths, mountains, vineyards and wineries of LA RIOJA


- A Sports & Gastronomic Experience -

1 Guide in + 1 Guide in
Minimum group 6 people - if guided -

- All cycling styles -

4 Stages / 5 Nights

BIKE & WINE = Cycling + Vineyards + Mountains + Caves + Gastronomy + Wines

Red Autumn in La Rioja. The best days to came, if you can.
Watercolor of vineyards in La Rioja Oriental - Iregua Valley
End of day. Marqués de Riscal Winerie, today´s Gastronomic Experience at Elciego. In the background; Laguardia
The author of the proposals posing for the camera in the vicinity of Laguardia
Villa de Laguardia, a 4* Hotel, at the quality level of the trip

This BIKE & WINE tour combines two of our PUNTOS BIKE in LA RIOJA,
Hotel Gran Vía 4* in LOGROÑO and Hotel Villa de Laguardia 4* in LAGUARDIA.

Note that in order to provide the highest level of privacy and comfort, each participant will have
Single Room.

Map Stages Domaine-de-Rioja

The route shown in this image is simply an indicative route of the possible sporting activity of this BIKE & WINE trip. We always adapt the activity to the particularities and preferences of the participants.

DOMINIO de RIOJA is a set of proposals designed to pedal LA RIOJA by bicycle. It is undoubtedly one of our most flexible BIKE & WINEs tours in terms of kilometers and cycling styles, since we have options for any mileage and for any type of bike.

For the guided options, a minimum of 6 people is required, the self-guided options can even be for 1 person alone.

Laguardia drylagoon at fall

This LOGROÑO + LAGUARDIA  DOMINIO de RIOJA option is structured around 2 of our PUNTOS BIKE in LA RIOJA.
These are LOGROÑO, the capital of the Enoregion and the Villa de LAGUARDIA, which we could call the capital of the Rioja Alavesa.

Both are located in strictly "wine-growing" territory, and both provide their monumental villas with their endless vineyards and their wineries to the trip. Anyway, although the route is not in mountain area LA RIOJA is not a flat region, on the contrary, often the track can be steep and with an isolated environment, so at the end of the day the result will be:
"Spain, Mountains and Wine"

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If you are looking for typical routes in the style of the Camino de Santiago or other similar popular routes, perhaps you are not on the right website.

If you insist a lot, maybe we could ... but by default in LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE we avoid the busy and well-known paths.

Our specialty is "the route" and what that means is that our Tracks or our Guides will take you through secluded and carefully selected places so that the Experience is truly "Singular" and "Exclusive".

If we get to know each other, you´ll know what we are talking about.

With these 3 tabs you can get a global idea of our proposal.

In the tab The Hotels you can see our selection of lodges.

In Gastronomic Experiences we show you the "Sanctuaries of Riojan Gastronomy" that we have chosen for this trip.

And in the The Full Trip tab you can see the result of combining the 2 previous tabs with the cycling route itself. That is; the typical Travel schedule.

Hotels for La Rioja Stages

Our PUNTO BIKE in LOGROÑO, is set in the Hotel GRAN VÍA, the best choice in town if we need to blend lodge and BIKE.

We are talking about a 4-star establishment well sited in the center of the town and strongly involved in a large part of the sports and gastronomic activities linked to LOGROÑO.

Gran-Via-hotel-bar Gran-Via-hotel-room-1 Gran-Via-hotel-room-2 Gran-Via-hotel-bathroom Gran-Via-hotel-breakfast Gran-Via-hotel-hall

Our PUNTO BIKE in LAGUARDIA is set in the Hotel VILLA de LAGUARDIA, a 4-star establishment located among vineyards, with a delightful SPA, and fully specialized in receiving cyclists and their bicycles.

Hotel-Villa-Laguardia-ext Hotel-Villa-Laguardia-hall Hotel-Villa-Laguardia-spa Hotel-Villa-Laguardia-salon Hotel-Villa-Laguardia-room Hotel-Villa-Laguardia-dinning-room

For certain people, accommodation in the old Palacio de Viana, rehabilitated as a hotel and besides located within the walls of LAGUARDIA, may be more attractive than a 4* hotel. If that is your case, then the option is our PUNTO BIKE Posada Mayor de Migueloa.

Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-adwards Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-cave Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-room-1 Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-hall Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-room-2 Posada-Mayor-de-Migueloa-Laguardia-rest


Below we show the selection of Gastronomic Experiences
available for this Pack

Gastronomic Experiences


For the arrival to Logroño we have proposed two differents options of "encounter" with the Riojan gastronomy.
One of them by Luisa Barrachina and the well-known Riojan chef Francis Paniego (3 Michelin stars) in the TONDELUNA Restaurant, and another one by the chef José Félix Rodríguez in the innovative LA GALERÍA


TONDELUNA is a modern, informal and fun place that has prepared a FUENTES del VINO menu to introduce cyclists of the route to some of the secrets of modern Riojan cuisine.




LA GALERÍA is a space with minimalist architecture whose walls periodically house traveling exhibitions of painting artists, filling the space with art and color.


The menu FUENTES del VINO menu consists of a tasting always adapted to the season in which we visit the city, and we leave it in the hands of José Félix Rodríguez, a cook who trained at the Santo Domingo School and then continued to cultivate and develop his art in houses like Arzak, Martín Berasategui, Koldo Royo, Aitor Basabe and Ferrán Adriá.




Mayor de Migueloa Experience-1

Palacio de Viana, 17th century, Nobility and Tradition... uninterrupted winemaking tradition since 1690, absolute winner by public votes in the Best Of awards People´s Choice Award 2.023, and production of their own wines in their cellar/calao, a space that will also be our restaurant....

Mayor de Migueloa Experience-2

We have not needed more, the curriculum shown in the previous paragraph has been enough to make us incorporate without any doubt its owner in the list of Gastronomic Experiences that shape DOMINIO de RIOJA.
The rest... is not history, is future, and it is waiting for you.

Mayor de Migueloa Experience-3


Embedded between the stones of the wall is the "cave" that we have chosen for one of our Gastronomic Experiences in LAGUARDIA.


We think that it should have been called "Pirates Cave" more than wolves cave -if you visit it you will understand why- but if in 1933 when it was inaugurated they decided that it should be "Wolves ", of wolves remains.


The forcefulness of the opinion of some of our clients; in the style of "the best restaurant of our trip through La Rioja" reaffirms our belief that sometimes there are factors that escape the "stars" and "suns" of the dominant gastronomic classifications.


With a warm environment, one of those that introduces you to another time, the "only drawback" that we can cite is its authentic cave format, something that makes it difficult for us to accommodate our bikers when they make up a large group. For the rest, in terms of restoration, the watchword is listen to the "pirates" who serve us and let ourselves be carried away by their recommendations; Local products in the dishes, paired with the best possible selection of wines from always local wineries.

One of the most relevants GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCES of all the Stages of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE is without any doubth the afternoon / night that we spend in the "The City of Wine," That is; the Winerie of MARQUES de RISCAL in Elciego.


We could talk about the spectacularity of this building built in the purest Guggenheim style, but it would not be fair since there is much more.
The complex encompasses the oldest winery in Rioja alongside the spectacular bulding designed by internationally renowned architect Frank O. Gehry and 3 different restaurants. We have chosen the one awarded with the prestigious Michelin Guide award with 1 Star and 2 Suns by the Repsol Guide.
That is, we have decided that for our Gastronomic Experience we put ourselves in expert hands and do not think too much ourselves.


Life at Marqués de Riscal turns around food and wine. From its inception in 2006, the hotel´s gastronomic personality has been dominated by chef Francis Paniego, whose admired restaurant "El Portal del Echaurren" in nearby Ezcaray has long been a leading light in the culinary world of La Rioja.
The chef brings to the hotel both his peerless command of traditional riojano cooking and the contemporary flair that has won him two Michelin stars in Ezcaray and one star here at Elciego.

So this is what awaits us after the visit to the winery, which we will do in the last tour of visits, the one before dinner.


GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCE for last night in LOGROÑO LA COCINA DE RAMÓN - under development -


  • Day 1
    • Arrival at Logroño
    • Lodge at Hotel GRAN VÍA 4*
    • Gastronomic Experience LA GALERÍA
  • Day 2
    • Circular route: Iregua Valley - different bike levels and styles
    • Lodge at Hotel GRAN VÍA 4*
    • Gastronomic Experience TONDELUNA
  • Day 3
    • Stage: Logroño - Laguardia - different bike levels and styles
    • Lodge at Hotel VILLA de LAGUARDIA 4*
    • Gastronomic Experience MAYOR de MIGUELOA or CUEVA de LOBOS
  • Day 4
    • Circular route: Ebro Basin - different bike levels and styles
    • Lodge at Hotel VILLA de LAGUARDIA 4*
    • Gastronomic Experience MARQUÉS de RISCAL
  • Day 5
    • Stage: Laguardia - Logroño - different bike levels and styles
    • Lodge at Hotel GRAN VÍA 4*
    • Gastronomic Experience LA COCINA DE RAMÓN
  • Day 6
    • After breakfast, end of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE services
    • Transfer to Airport or any other transport station - if hired -


La Rioja at fall

In the tab Where are you going? you can see our selection of pictures of the area you are going to visit.

In Stages Styles we explain to you how we act when choosing the sports activity of the trip.

La Demanda Range panorámic view


The walls of Portal de Cameros close the Iregua Valley to the South. In the photo, the Village of Islallana in the entrance to the canyon of Iregua.


Iregua Valley and La Demanda Range.


In the first moments of the day we share a track with the popular Eroica hispania bike route.

Nalda town

Hole in the clouds over Nalda Iregua Valley.

Wineyards of Iregua-Valley 200 Monges wines

Terraced "Singular" vineyards, typical of the Iregua Valley. Below, the "result", the renowned 200 Monges wines from Vinícola Real Winery.


Today´s stage goes through the Rioja "Zero Zone".

Marques de Riscal winery Marques de Riscal wineyards

A stop among the vineyards of the Marqués de Riscal wineries in Elciego.


wineyards at Haro

Chozo on the wineyard with the Cantabria Range closing the picture.

Fall in Laguardia

Carravalseca dry lagoon in Laguardia, we enter the Rioja Alavesa.

Avituallando en el viñedo

Stop to recharge energy among the vineyards of the Ebro Basin.



Dolmen de La Hechicera prehistoric monument in La Rioja Alavesa.

La-Rioja Vineyards and Cantabria-Range

Autumn vineyards sheltered by the walls of the Cantabria Range.


Laguardia in autumn


Dolmen de La Hechicera and town of El Villar in the surroundings of Laguardia.


We give names to the different possible styles of our Stage with the sole purpose of making it easier for our clients to convey to us the idea of travel that they have in mind.


Format 1 Tracks & Wine is the standard format. An activity, almost always for trekking or light MTB bikes. It is usually rolled on tracks, small tarmacs and easy paths among vineyards and wineries.

Format 2 Road & Wine is the style in which the bikers want to spend the whole morning thinking more about sport than about wine. They want to ascend the mountain passes in the area and travel by areas beyond the vineyard. It is the format usually chosen by road cyclists and recently also by those of the new discipline of Gravel.

Format 3 ProWine is as simple as the name suggests. The cyclists are almost professional or behave like them. They always want to make routes well above 100 kilometers, although they never forget that at the end of the day the Gastronomic Experience is there, Waiting for them.

More details about formats 1, 2 & 3

Format 1 Tracks & Wine

  • These tours combine cycling with culture, history and nature.
  • The sporty character of the route is not the main attraction, but is a measured combination of elements that make this category of travel perfect for those who are looking for an experience that captures our country, along with its countryside.
  • This format is flexible and allows you to make decisions; whether you prefer a lighter ride and focus more on cultural aspects of the region than on sports.
  • The cycling routes are between 20 and 60 kilometers, variation enough to pass from SLOW to demanding routes.
  • These tours do not include major mountain passes, but instead offer delightful medium to easy country roads.
  • We take it easy, no rush here. We make several meaningful stops and make visits to relevant points of the route, monuments, historical centres, etc. We pop off our cycling shoes and really get a chance to visit sites.
  • Every day ends with experiences off our bikes, including activities such as wine-tasting, museum visits or visits to historic villages and towns.

Format 2 Road & Wine

  • This second travel format combines visits to places of historical and cultural interest, yet is clearly centered on cycling the region; essentially mountain passes.
  • The stages are between 70 and 100 kilometers and an unevenness of between 1000 and 2000 meters.
  • The speed of the group is something depends entirely on the challenge and goals of the group.
  • The same philosophy of offering flexibility applies to cultural stops in relevant monuments, or other points along in the route. Our refreshment stops are usually chosen for their cultural points of interest, so that we get as many "wow moments" into the route.
  • When we finish the route, the program includes follow-up activities like wine-tasting, or visits to museums, and interesting villages and towns.

Format 3 ProWine

  • This format offers an entirely sporty profile with cultural touring only after the cycling has concluded for the day.
  • The cycling stages are between 110 and 180 kilometers and an unevenness of between 2000 and 3000 meters.
  • We adapt the tour to the volume of kms that you are looking to reach. This is particularily interesting for clubs and teams that are looking for a certain volume of kms by the end of the tour. For example, the group can decide if prefers to prefers stages of 120 kms per day or closer to 180 kms.
  • The speed of the group is something depends entirely on the challenge and goals of the group.
  • Given the physically demanding character of the stages, and as a consequence, the added fatigue, the events preceding cycling, like wine-tasting, historical tours, are optional. You will be given the opportunity to make those decisions as a group.


If you have doubths, do not hesitate and use some of the buttons below, we respond quickly.




1 Guide in + 1 Guide in

4 Stages / 5 Nights
Minimum group 6 people

3.960 €
Prix par person in Single Room

3.680 €
Prix par person if you decide share the room

with GPS

4 Stages / 5 Nights
Minimum group 1 people

2.190 €
Prix par person in Single Room

1.930 €
Prix par person if you decide share the room

For groups larger than 10 people customized budget will be send

Pack hired with Pirineos PUNTO BIKE CIF 15954000-G -Travel Agency-
Inscribed in the Tourist Registry of Navarra with Code CI. NA-128

Check here for detailed Contract conditions


  • 3 - Hotel nights - Single room in Hotel Gran Vía 4*
  • 2 - Hotel nights - Single room in Hotel Villa de Laguardia 4*
  • 5 - Buffet breakfasts -
  • 5 Dinner in format of Gastronomic Experience
  • 1 SPA sesion at Villa de Laguardia Hotel
       Thermal 70 minute tour
  • Travel and sport insurance
  • Tracks of the route in GPX format for mobile phones or GPS devices
    Warn us if you prefer them in another format
  • Explanatory printed map-sketch of the different route options for each stage
    One per stage
  • Telephone assistance for incidents or consultations during the days of the contracted activity
  • Presentation of the route and delivery of information in hand the day of the arrival of the group to the hotel or the morning of the next day
  • Support vehicle accompanying the group
      Only when the hired pack is a Guided Pack
  • Bicycle selected according to the profile chosen by the group; MTB, TREK, ROAD, GRAVEL, standard or electric
    If any of the cyclists wishes to use their own bike, this concept will be discounted
      Only when the hired pack is a Guided Pack
  • Accompanying Cycling tour guide
      Only when the hired pack is a Guided Pack
  • Provisioning and/or meals en route These may be country lunches or meals in restaurants. It will be decided according to the stage
      Only when the hired pack is a Guided Pack
  • Entrances to wineries, museums or any other type of tourist visit
      Only when the hired pack is a Guided Pack


  • Beers or other consumptions outside the proposed menus in the dinners or during the stay in hotels
  • Mechanical Assistance during the activity if the Pack is a Self-Guided Pack
    If possible, we will try to help you in case of a breakdown, but in many situations this help can be very limited due to lack of specific spare parts or other circumstances. The cost of the service if it can be done is € 18 per hour + € 0.40 per kilometer.
  • Any kind of sports material, helmets, shoes, etc. if the proposal is self-guided
  • Anything not expressly indicated in the offer


  • Airport/station pick up
  • Include in the group no cycling companions
  • Bicycle rental
    We put you in touch with a rental service in the nearest place to the route start point


  • Philosophy: The tour is designed so that the stages can be completed and we still have a large part of the day to enjoy the place where we are.
       However, if you want more hardness, we will give you MORE.
  • Best time to go: The route can be done at any time of the year as long as there is no snow, something unusual in La Rioja.
       Spring and Autumn are usually the most pleasant seasons; in Summer it can be very hot and we must take more precautions.
       Anyway, at the end of autumn the days are short, but more than enough for our purpose. The vineyards of La Rioja "burn" red in those days, and the experience of immersing ourselves in that sea of red vineyards becomes something almost. So if you can afford to choose those dates, there is no question. This is the "Star" moment to visit LA RIOJA
  • Orientation: The route is followed by a GPS track.
  • Provisioning: La Rioja is not a desert. We will find towns with water and other services without too many difficulties.

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