5 days / 4 nights


Take into account

In all Stages of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE the last day is one day more, that is; the check-out of this concerted hotel is at 6 in the afternoon.

By default all Stages of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE are configured with an accompanying road vehicle when the group of cyclists does not exceed 7 people.
If the group is greater than 8 cyclists, a guide in bike is added.

On demand you can add or delete this second guide


Groups 4 to 7 persons - 1 guide in 960 €

Groups 8 to 12 persons - 1 guide in + 1 guide in 940 €

For larger groups customized budget will be send

Pack hired with Pirineos PUNTO BIKE CIF 15954000-G -Travel Agency-
Inscribed in the Tourist Registry of Navarra with Code CI. NA-128

This proposal combines two of our PUNTOS BIKE in LA RIOJA, the Hotel Iguareña in EZCARAY and the Hotel Marixa in LAGUARDIA.
This is our 4 days proposal to Stage in LA RIOJA with standard accommodation but keeping the sport and cultural activity at the same level as all Stages of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE.

The Stage - EZCARAY + LAGUARDIA - The details

LAGUARDIA - HOTEL MARIXA www.hotelmarixa.com

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The transfer of a PUNTO BIKE to another usually is done cycling, so the days of change of hotel the stages are in line.

EZCARAY PUNTO BIKE - Hotel IGUAREÑA www.hoteliguarena.com

iguarena-ext iguarena-ext-2 iguarena-salon iguarena-room iguarena-room-2 iguarena-restaurant

The Stage - Day by day


  • In all Stages of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE is considered zero-day to evening or night in which the group of cyclists arrives to he hotel.
    Depending on the time of arrival of the group we will decide if we make a presentation of the activity to develop in the next few days.


  • It is considered stage-day every day that may exist between the zero-day and the last day.
    1. Breakfast. Time depending on the season of the year in which we find ourselves
    2. Beginning of the chosen route taking a criterion of stops according to expectations and pace of the group
    3. If we have choose format 1 or 2; a few kilometers before the end of route, lunch and visit to winery or other point of interest. If we have choose format 3, this visit will be anuled taking into account the necesary time demanding by the route.
    4. End of stage. Shower in the hotel
    5. Free afternoon
    6. Dinner. Timetable agreed with the group
    7. Briefing of the cycling programme
    8. If we are combining PUNTOS BIKE the day of transfer from one point to another will be similar to one normal stage-day but conducting the stage on line

last day:

  • In all Stages of LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE the chek-out is established at 18 o´clock. So, in this last day the only difference in the activity comparing with a stage-day, consists in reach a consensus with the group and choose a route with a mileage that leave sufficient margin at the end of the day for the displacement that cyclists need to do in order to go back to their places of origin.


The daily activity in the stage varies slightly depending on the format (1, 2 or 3) that we are talking about.
In any of the formats, routes will be determined with the group during the briefing of the day prior to the realization of the activity. We will choose the routes from those available in "The Routes " tabs (a tab for each format 1, 2 or 3).

The formats 1 and 2 include non-sports activities. They shall be elected from those available in the menu "Non Sporting Activities" and shall be decided prior to the dates of the Stage in order to make the reserves.

In this section of "Definition of formats" you can get the idea of the whole of the activity depending on which is the format that you choose.

Definition of formats


  • These tours combine cycling with culture, history and nature.
  • The sporty character of the route is not the main attraction, but is a measured combination of elements that make this category of travel perfect for those who are looking for an experience that captures our country, along with its countryside.
  • This format is flexible and allows you to make decisions; whether you prefer a lighter ride and focus more on cultural aspects of the region than on sports.
  • The cycling routes are between 20 and 60 kilometers.
  • These tours do not include major mountain passes, but instead offer delightful medium to easy country roads.
  • We take it easy, no rush here. We make several meaningful stops and make visits to relevant points of the route, monuments, historical centres, etc. We pop off our cycling shoes and really get a chance to visit sites.
  • Every day ends with experiences off our bikes, including activities such as wine-tasting, museum visits or visits to historic villages and towns.


  • This second travel format combines visits to places of historical and cultural interest, yet is clearly centered on cycling the region; essentially mountain passes.
  • The stages are between 70 and 100 kilometers and an unevenness of between 1000 and 2000 meters.
  • The speed of the group is something depends entirely on the challenge and goals of the group.
  • The same philosophy of offering flexibility applies to cultural stops in relevant monuments, or other points along in the route. Our refreshment stops are usually chosen for their cultural points of interest, so that we get as many "wow moments" into the route.
  • When we finish the route, the program includes follow-up activities like wine-tasting, or visits to museums, and interesting villages and towns.


  • This format offers an entirely sporty profile with cultural touring only after the cycling has concluded for the day.
  • The cycling stages are between 110 and 180 kilometers and an unevenness of between 2000 and 3000 meters.
  • We adapt the tour to the volume of kms that you are looking to reach. This is particularily interesting for clubs and teams that are looking for a certain volume of kms by the end of the tour. For example, the group can decide if prefers to prefers stages of 120 kms per day or closer to 180 kms.
  • The speed of the group is something depends entirely on the challenge and goals of the group.
  • Given the physically demanding character of the stages, and as a consequence, the added fatigue, the events preceding cycling, like wine-tasting, historical tours, are optional. You will be given the opportunity to make those decisions as a group.


  • 4 - Hotel nights - Double room + 1 single room when the number of participants is odd
  • 4 - Buffet breakfasts -
  • In all Stages is included a "strong meal" per day. Depending on the particularity of each group it will be made at lunch or dinner.
  • Support vehicle with function of guide and transportation of luggage if there is combination of PUNTOS BIKE
  • Accompanying cycling tour guide when the number of participants exceeds 7 cyclists
  • - On route refreshments stations - Both sports foods and drinks as well as traditional foods and drinks
  • Travel and sport insurance
  • Entrances to wineries, museums or any other type of tourist visit which has been agreed for the Stage
  • Briefing and Multimedia presentation of the cycling programme


  • Beers or other consumptions outside the proposed menus in the dinners or during the stay in hotels
  • Meals in restaurants at the time of the noon, unless it has been agreed previously to replace dinner with meals
  • Any kind of sports material, helmets, shoes, etc
  • Anything not expressly indicated in the offer


  • Airport/station pick up
  • In less than 7 riders group: Add guide rolling on bike
  • In group of 8 or more cyclists: Do not include bike tour guide
  • Include in the group "no cycling" companions
  • Professional photo and video keepsake
  • Bicycle rental. Road, electrics or hibryds.
    We put them at the starting point of the route together with a mechanic to adjust them to your sizes.

For any questions do not hesitate and use some of the buttons below, we respond quickly.