The Ultimate Road Biking Experience in the Rioja Region

LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE, a guarantee of Quality and Attention in organized trips if you are looking to pedal and taste the Wine Routes of La Rioja.
With the added security of being in the hands of local guides.

Vineyards of the Sierra de Cantabria - perpetual bliss in LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE
The harvest season in the Rioja region
The notorious Zone-zero of FUENTES del VINO. Bodegas Marqués de Riscal in Elciego. In the background, Laguardia.
The Herrera Mountain Pass; one of the great LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE with 13% ramps
Dusk falls on the vineyards of the lagoon and alight the fortressed walls of Laguardia.
Serenity; rolling hills on spinning wheels
"Tour de La Demanda" takes us past the mysterious underwater village of Mansilla
San Vicente de la Sonsierra Castle overlooking the medieval bridge crossing the Ebro river

The wine-growing region of LA RIOJA is a spectacular PUNTO for road biking. Its privileged geographic location defined as a middle ground between a Mediterranean and Atlantic climate, which offers a diversity of landscapes in an uncannily small region. Our adventure trails are in the smallest community of Spain.
And yet, in reality what we get are... mountains, vineyards, quiet roads, the Ebro basin, both traditional and modern wineries, both traditional and modern cuisine, medieval monuments, monumental villas full of culture, history and much more for you to see and discover with us.

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Design your LA RIOJA experience by combining stages with PUNTOS BIKE options: LAGUARDIA - EZCARAY - LOGROÑO


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    Remember that all the PUNTOS BIKE options can be combined and tailored to your interests.
    Any of our options are available in 3 formats:




    EZCARAY    Ezcaray

    LOGROÑO   Logroño

    LAGUARDIA Laguardia

  • Definition of formats

    Format 1 - VILLAGES and VINEYARDS:

    • These tours combine cycling with culture, history and nature.
    • The sporty character of the route is not the main attraction, but is a measured combination of elements that make this category of travel perfect for those who are looking for an experience that captures our country, along with its countryside.
    • This format is flexible and allows you to make decisions; whether you prefer a lighter ride and focus more on cultural aspects of the region than on sports.
    • The cycling routes are between 40 and 60 kilometers.
    • These tours do not include major mountain passes, but instead offer delightful medium to easy country roads.
    • We take it easy, no rush here. We make several meaningful stops and make visits to relevant points of the route, monuments, historical centres, etc. We pop off our cycling shoes and really get a chance to visit sites.
    • Every day ends with experiences off our bikes, including activities such as wine-tasting, museum visits or visits to historic villages and towns.


    • This second travel format combines visits to places of historical and cultural interest, yet is clearly centered on cycling the region; essentially mountain passes.
    • The stages are between 70 and 100 kilometers and an unevenness of between 1000 and 2000 meters.
    • The speed of the group is something depends entirely on the challenge and goals of the group.
    • The same philosophy of offering flexibility applies to cultural stops in relevant monuments, or other points along in the route. Our refreshment stops are usually chosen for their cultural points of interest, so that we get as many "wow moments" into the route.
    • When we finish the route, the program includes follow-up activities like wine-tasting, or visits to museums, and interesting villages and towns.

    Format 3 - CYCLE TOURISM PLUS:

    • This format offers an entirely sporty profile with cultural touring only after the cycling has concluded for the day.
    • The cycling stages are between 110 and 180 kilometers and an unevenness of between 2000 and 3000 meters.
    • We adapt the tour to the volume of kms that you are looking to reach. This is particularily interesting for clubs and teams that are looking for a certain volume of kms by the end of the tour. For example, the group can decide if prefers to prefers stages of 120 kms per day or closer to 180 kms.
    • The speed of the group is something depends entirely on the challenge and goals of the group.
    • Given the physically demanding character of the stages, and as a consequence, the added fatigue, the events preceding cycling, like wine-tasting, historical tours, are optional. You will be given the opportunity to make those decisions as a group.

FUENTES del VINO - road - The point to point cycle route in the North of Spain.

FUENTES del VINO is a circular route of 3, 4 or 5 days in length. It is designed to do it by your own means, in a Self-Guided format hiring the luggage transport service, or joining us with guides and vehicle support along the route.
From the Aralar Range FUENTES del VINO takes you South, through Navarra and into La Rioja, all the way to the Urbión mountain of the province of Soria. The return trip takes you through the vineyards of La Rioja and the solitary roads of the Montaña Alavesa.

There are different options:

FUENTES del VINO Aralar Urbión - 4 days

FUENTES del VINO Aralar Urbión PLUS - 4 days

FUENTES del VINO Pamplona - 4 days

FUENTES del VINO 5 - 5 days

FUENTES del VINO SUR - 3 days


FUENTES del VINO NORTE - 3 days - in preparation




8 nights / 9 days